We do Sewage waste water treatment Industrial Effluent treatment Sewage Pipe Network chocking issues Anaerobic digestion solutions House hold Sewage treatment MIC prevention in pipelines

E-Clean Enterprises are confident to deliver solutions for your wastewater management.

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Welcome to E-Clean Enterprises

E-Clean Enterprises is a company started in 2014 with an aim to secure water resources for future by proper recycling methods. Curtailing water crisis, seems to be due to man-made effluent was not properly handled or treated for reuse. This in turn depletes the water resources without proper rejuvenation. To overcome the present crisis & to save water for future generation, we promise to deliver better recycling and reuse solutions for the generated waste water both in domestic & industrial sectors.

We E-Clean Enterprises are confident to deliver solutions for your wastewater management problems. We also serve to handle and manage waste in eco-friendly manner without much hassles, high performance and efficiency.

Our Social Commitment

We commit to the social uplift of water conservation programs. Water resources are depleted by increased population, modernization and civic requirements. We help to rejuvenate the water resources by recycling the polluted water with proper treatment techniques. We take social commitment to recycle generated waste water to mother earth after proper treatment techniques.


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What we Do

We offer engineered solutions for

Sewage waste water treatment

Industrial Effluent treatment

Sewage Pipe Network chocking issues

Anaerobic digestion solutions.

House hold Sewage treatment.

MIC prevention in pipelines.

Other customized solutions based on your needs- related to waste management.

Our Features

Innovative – Customized Technology

We offer eco-friendly, engineered& proven technology for your waste water management problems.


Our systems are designed with complete safety features & necessary backups in case of any failure.

Non-Metallic installations

Non-metallic (FRP or GRP) tanks will be easy to handle & free of rust/corrosion to offer higher life time. Cost effective & Shock proof.

Re-silence/Consistent performance

Our System offer continuous performance and process parameters will be monitored & inspected by our representatives to maintain consistent performance throughout the life.

Less Foot print/ No Moving parts

Offer compact above ground installation units with minimal moving mechanism. Considering your space availability, our units can be customized to fit your available space. No Noise.

Easy installation

Can be installed in one or two days. Standard sizes are available for ready installation. Modules can be extended for retrofit applications.

Minimum civil works or infrastructure modification

All STP units shall be installed above ground with minimal modifications to existing infrastructure. Any support or guidance on civil tanks or infrastructure during construction will be offered.

100% Automatic

Total system control shall be fully automatic. Only daily supervision to check the healthiness of the system is required. On/Off type, no critical parameters to be maintained.

Low overhead Cost

Consumables & other overhead cost like electricity, filters etc. shall be very minimal as technology offers robust solution.

AMC options

In case of difficulty in maintenance by you, we provide AMC options as per the norms & standards specified in the AMC.

Our Products

Engineered sewage/industrial effluent handling system (STP & ETP) for effective recycle of water for land scape, vegetation & ultra-treatment.

Innovative - enzymatically manipulated - bacterial behavioral changes to economically deliver bio-treatment benefits

Effective way to improve the drainage/sewage network healthiness from bio-fouling & fungal attacks. Modified enzyme based treatment for sewage waste.

Composite or solid waste management technique in eco-friendly and short timeline.

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) prevention in pipelines & process equipment.

Kind of Biotechnology using natural system in engineered form for treating house hold or small scale waste water.

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